ABOUT US - Apartment A38, Kopaonik, Accommodation

  • Accommodation Kopaonik, Luxury Apartments A38
  • Accommodation Kopaonik, Luxury Apartments A38, Kraljevi Cardaci
  • Accommodation Kopaonik, Luxury Apartments A38, Kraljevi Cardaci
  • Accommodation Kopaonik, Luxury Apartments A38

Luxury apartment A38 in Kraljevi Cardaci offers a comfortable place for rest.

Accommodation capacity: Maximum 4 people
The concept of space: Kitchen, Living room and bedroom
Apartment A38 booking: contact@a38kopaonik.com +381 65 3865065

Content of apartment A38:

Living room with sofa bed for two people, Bedroom with double bed, Bathroom (shower, hairdryer)
Fully equipped kitchen, Electric stove, Fridge, Microwave, Coffee machine, Dishes, Cutlery
Dining table, LCD TV in the living room, Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)

Location of accommodation

Luxury apartment A38 is located in an apartments hotel complex "Kraljevi Čardaci Spa" on the main road Koaponik - Raska, in a village, 5 km from the center of Kopaonik, and 3 km from the nearest ski lift, at 1.350 m altitude.

Hotel complex "Kraljevi Čardaci Spa" are declared for wellness hotel of the year for 2012.
All fans of the wellness and spa tourism are invited to booking luxury apartment A38 and see the quality of apartment and hotel complex.

Complex "Kraljevi Čardaci Spa" was built in the 2009 - 2011 year and guarantees comfort and modern content.
SPA & WELLNESS cenar on 900m2 (the hotel is in a warm connection with the SPA), Indoor swimming pool with jacuzzi dimension 14x6 m, Outdoor pool size 10x5 m
Conference hall with 180 seats, Conference room to work in groups - a total of 4 (for 10-25 people), Restaurant (board / a la carte) with garden,
Pub (in preparation), Pool Bar, Fitness center (coming soon), Table tennis hall, Wireless internet (Wi-Fi) throughout the complex
Playroom with child care, Ski-Mini buses (transportation to ski / center Kopaonik and back), Ski service, Parking, Rent snowmobiles and ATV
Reception 24/7, Tennis court (coming soon), Basketball court (coming soon), Playground for children (from summer 2012)

Accommodation - Luxury apartment A38, Kopaonik
Accommodation - Kraljevi Cardaci SPA, Kopaonik

Ski resort Kopaonik

Kopaonik is the biggest ski resort in Serbia.
Distance: Belgrade - Kopaonik ...... 290 km, Novi Sad - Kopaonik ...... 370 km, Nis - Kopaonik ...... 118 km
Ski center features: Center height: 1.770 m, The highest peak: 2.017 m, Total lengtht: 50.000 m, Total lift capacity: 30,000 skiers / hour
Number of ski lifts and cable cars: 23, Number of Baby lifts: 2, Number of light trails: 15, Number of secondary path: 9, Number of difficult trail: 7
Maximum difference in altitude: 512 m, The longest trail: 3.500 m, Length nightly runs: 450 m, Nordic trails: 18 km

Kopaonik offers a number of opportunities for an active summer vacation:
Walking tours, Mountain biking (possibility to rent bicycles), Paragliding school, Riding school, Driving Quadricycle

Natural characteristics of Kopaonik

Kopaonik, the biggest mountain of the central Serbia, spreads its wide mountain - ridge 83 km. long, in the direction from the mountainous region over Mitrovica, to the north - west over the series of peaks higer than 1600 m., to the highest part of the massif called Ravni Kopaonik (Flat Kopaonik) with the peaks: Gobelja (1934 m), Karman Vucak (1936 m), Suvo Rudiste (1976 m) and Pancicev Vrh (Pancic Peak) (2017 m).
The northern border of the massif is separated from the massif of the mountain Zeljina by the rivers Josanicka reka and Koznicka reka.
At the western side, along the whole Kopaonik mountain - ridge, the lbar gorge is placed.
The eastern side is bounded by the rivers Rasina and Toplica valleys.
The region's geology dates back 70 million years ago when the older sedimentary rocks were exposed to the strong tectonic movements and to the volcano activity which caused dent and issue of the magmatic cliffs.
This is why Kopaonik distinguishes itself by its geological structure of rocks of different inception and age (granites, serpentinites, slates, marbles, andesites, lime - stones).
The later processes of erosion during past millenniums created present-day outlines of the relief of Kopaonik.
Climate of Kopaonik, with almost 200 sunny days annually, deserves credit for Kopaonik's other name - "mountain of the Sun". The southern position of the massif, level and openness of the terrain prevent continual detaining of cloudiness over the mountain. Colder and heavier air moves through the nearby valleys and ravines so that winter temperatures are not too low. Kopaonik has sub-alpine climate. Average annual temperature of the Flat Kopaonik is 3,7°C.
It starts snowing at the end of November and it snows until May, 159 days a year in average. On average, precipitation are higher than 1000 mm a year.
Kopaonik, where people used to work mines from old times, was named after its ore resources (kopati - to dig).
The volcano activity and discharge of hot mineral solutions caused changes on the nearby old rocks because of high temperatures and heavy pressures.That is how "mining region of Kopaonik" came to be, with a large number of mines from old times.
In the Kopaonik region, besides the usual ores: metals iron, lead and zinc, there are rare metals silver and gold and rare minerals: volastonite,fluor-spar, asbestos and others.
Thermal - mineral springs - spas are situated at the foothill of Kopaonik. Besides famous spas such as Vrnjaska Banja, Mataruska Banja, Sijarinska Banja, in the Kopaonik region there are springs of Josanicka Banja (t° 78°C), Lukovska Banja (t° 36t°-56°C) and Kursumlijska Banja (38°-57°C).
Besides thermal waters, there are also slightly mineralized waters on Kopaonik. In the first place, these are slightly radioactive springs Krcmar vode and Marine vode at the heights of 1700 -1950 m.

Kopaonik - Ski resort map
Summer on Kopaonik - Mountain bike

National park Kopaonik

National Park Kopaonik was founded and proclaimed in 1981. It covers an area of 11.800 ha, and has a protecting belt of 19.986 ha, 689 ha of the wildlife refuge is under special peotection. The park is placed on the highest parts of the mountain.
The base of the park represents mountainous, relatively levelled region of the medium height above sea - level about 1700 m. The lowest altitude is about 640 m above sea - level. The highest altitude is Pancicev vrh (2017 m).
According to the laws of the Republic of Serbia on protection of nature, a large number of objects of nature, natural and man-made objects which can be found in the National Park Kopaonik, are singled out and classified according to the different of protection. Natural wildlife refuges of NP

Natural Reserve of National Park

Kozje Stene - with relict groups of juniper trees, fir trees and heather and a large number of relict kinds and vegetation of rocks.
Vucak - includes unique group of fir tree and juniper tree (this combination may be seen only on Zlatibor and here), as well as two groups of juniper tree, fir tree and beech tree.
Mrkonja - includes group of beech tree and fir tree of the preserved structure in the conditions of the degraded soil.
Jankova Bara - the biggest pear-bog on Kopaonik, with a large number of peat-bog gruops as well as the specific groups of juniper tree, fir tree, Austrain/black and Scots pine.
Gobelja - wildlife refuge of the representatives of the mountain, climate-regional groups and distinct groups of ostenjak with habitats of extremely rare and jeopardized species.
Barska Reka - includes forest groups of beech tree, fir tree and juniper tree of relict character, which are important for the science.
Samokovska Reka - includes extremely interesting and various groups of juniper tree with moss, common sorrel, wood-rush and others, as well as vegetation of peat-bog.
Metodje - includes six phytocoenologically different groups of juniper and beech trees and the number of other rare and relict plant spacies.
Jelak - includes interesting ecosystem of beech and fir inside which wee meet important and rare species - yew - tree.
Suvo Rudiste - characteristic representative of the mountainous region at the top border of the forest vegetation with groups of climate-regional groups of blueberry, juniper bush and sub - alpine juniper tree, as well as with the groups of tipac and metlicasta vlasulja.
Duboka - in the municipality Brus - includes parts of relict group of beech tree with bulrush, as well as group of beech tree with hornbeam (a unique group on Kopaonik).
Jelovarnik - hydological and geomorfological monument, fall with three cascades of hight 70m, surrounded with intteresting ecosystem of beech and junipertree, rocks and waterfals.
Bele Stene - (Withe rocks) - geologocal monument rocks massif of the limestone at the upper border of the vegetation in community with bluberry, juniper bush and junipertree.

Map of national park Kopaonik
National park Kopaonik